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Animal Control Services F-A-Q

The Animal Control Officer protects public health and safety while promoting the general welfare of animals and citizens in our community. He accomplishes this by responding to calls and concerns from citizens involving issues surrounding domestic animals. The goal of our Animal Control Officer is also to educate and encourage responsible pet ownership while being a resource to our citizens on animal related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I report an animal complaint?

If you have a complaint you would like to report, contact +1 (360) 709-1602.

2. What is a pet license?

A pet license is a numbered tag that you place on your pet’s collar. In order to receive a tag, your pet must be current on its rabies vaccination. Licensing your pet ensures that all animals are vaccinated against rabies. The tag number is unique to your pet, which helps get the animal home if it is found.

3. Do I have to license my pet, even if it is never outside?

Yes. According to the Chehalis Tribe Code (CTC) 11.25.070:

“It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, maintain, harbor or have control of a dog or cat, whether confined or not, within the boundaries of the Chehalis Reservation without having a current license tag. The owner of a dog or cat shall attach the license to a substantial collar or harness which shall be worn by the dog or cat at all times. It shall be unlawful for any person other than the owner, his agent, or a tribal official to remove a collar or license from the animal.” CTC 11.25.070

4. Where do I license my dog or cat?

You can license your pet by bringing proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination and filling out the Pet Licensing application at:

Chehalis Tribe Public Safety Building
30 Niederman Rd.
Oakville, WA 98658

5. What are the fees to license my pet?

After filling out a Pet Licensing Application and providing proof that your pet is current on its rabies vaccination to Animal Control, the following fees can be paid at the Accounting Office (420 Howanut Rd):
Dogs, NOT spayed/neutered——$75 per dog
Annual Renewal —– $25 per dog
Dogs, spayed/neutered ————$20 per dog
Annual Renewal ————$10 per dog
Cats, Not spayed/neutered ——–$75 per cat
Annual Renewal ————$25 per cat
Cats, spayed/neutered ————-$20 per cat
Annual Renewal ————$10 per cat
*Elders may obtain a one time, lifetime license for their pets* – (Chehalis Tribe Code (CTC) 11.25.160)

6. What are the fees used for?

The money from license fees helps support the services provided to the community by Animal Control, such as: Vaccination clinics within Community.
Pet food donations.
Pick-up of and owner notification (if known) of any injured animal,
Identification and return of any pet wearing a current license tag.
Removal of any dead animals and dead pets from roadways.
Lost and Found matching for missing pets in the community.
Adoption or transfer of unclaimed or unwanted pets.
Investigation of animal cruelty/neglect, with legal follow-up as appropriate.
Quarantine of animals that have bitten a person.
Responsible-owner and humane education within the Community, promoting responsible pet care.

7. My pet needs a vaccine or Spayed/Neutered, where can I go?

Here are just a couple of the many area veterinarians:

Ford’s Prairie Animal Clinic
2530 Harrison Ave.
Centralia, WA 98531

Scatter Creek Animal Clinic
7430 183rd Ave. SW
Rochester, WA 98579


Animal Control


Phone: +1 (360) 709-1602

Office Location:

30 Niederman Rd
Oakville, WA 98568

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