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Paddle to Suquamish

2009 Tribal Journey “Paddle to Suquamish” By Diana Pickernell and Fred Shortman The 2009 Paddle to Suquamish marked the 20th anniversary for the tribal canoe journeys. Through many challenges and much determination, the canoe journeys survived. Many of our ancestors travelled though the Puget Sound for many reasons: trading, hunting,

Paddle to Makah

2010 Tribal Journey “Paddle to Makah” By Fred Shortman This year marked the fourth time the Chehalis Canoe Family has participated in the Tribal Canoe Journey. Shortly after fireworks season ended, many Canoe Family members were seen excitedly packing and preparing for this year’s journey. Each individual anticipated spending time

Paddle to Swinomish

2011 Tribal Journey “Paddle to Swinomish” By Fred Shortman The Chehalis Canoe Family participated in the 2011 Paddle to Swinomish. This is the fifth year of participating in the canoe journey. There were over 50 tribal and community members who lived, prayed, and travelled together. Some travelling with our canoe,

Paddle to Squaxin

2012 Tribal Journey “Paddle to Squaxin” By Fred Shortman The Chehalis Canoe Family participated in the 2012 Paddle to Squaxin. This is the sixth year participating in the inter-tribal canoe journey that started over twenty-three years ago. It is a spiritual journey returning the cultural teachings back to the tribal

Paddle to Quinault

2013 Tribal Journey “Paddle to Quinault” By Fred Shortman This is seventh year that the Chehalis Canoe Family participated in “One Heart, One Mind” on the Canoe Journey with “Tu-lap ti weah”, a twenty-seven foot ocean canoe. The Canoe Journey is a traditional and spiritual journey on the ancestral waters

Paddle for Life

Skokomish First Annual “Paddle for Life” Event By Fred Shortman On Saturday, June 21 the Skokomish Tribe hosted the first annual “Paddle for Life” event. It started small and soon became a huge community effort involving many different agencies from the Skokomish Lucky Dog Casino and SPIPA Cancer Programs. It

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