Historic Preservation Office


The Chehalis Tribal Historic Preservation Office serves the Tribe by protecting vital cultural and archeological resources. The office does this in many ways, including: government-to-government consultation on projects within the Chehalis Tribe’s Aboriginal Area, promoting the q̓ʷay ̓a̓yiłq language, managing the Tribal archives room and providing opportunities for Chehalis Tribal members to learn more about Chehalis historical and cultural information.


The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer protects and conserves historically and culturally significant Tribal assets and sites, executing the Tribe’s historic preservation programs and activities pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act, 54 USC 300101 et seq., and other relevant laws such as State of Washington Executive Order 21-02 regarding archaeological and cultural resources.

If your agency or project wishes to consult pursuant to Section 106 or Executive Order 21-02 or other relevant laws, please contact:

Dan Penn,
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
PO BOX 536
Oakville WA


The Cultural Resources Management Program serves as the primary governmental source for interpretation and understanding of cultural resources, both living and dead, that may contain cultural information valued by or representative of all Chehalis Basin peoples and their descendants. The Cultural Resources Specialist promotes community access to physical assets as well as intangible culture, artifacts of which reside in the tribal archive and repository.

Additionally, the Cultural Resource Specialist supports the THPO in their efforts to protect historic properties. Please use the CRS as a secondary contact for THPO related concerns.

If you or your organization wish to discuss matters of artifacts, historic documents, gravesites, cultural use of natural resources, classical arts, or other cultural practices or institutions, please contact:

William Thoms
Cultural Resource Specialist
PO BOX 536
Oakville WA


Dan Penn (left) and William Thoms work to preserve the historical archives of the Chehalis Tribe.

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