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Building, enhancing and repairing


The facilities and janitorial department’s purpose is to maintain safe, clean and efficient tribal government buildings and systems. This is accomplished by completing work that can be done in-house in a cost-efficient manner to provide timely renovations of tribal properties.


The purpose of the grounds department is to maintain safe, secured and well-maintained tribal government grounds, fields, cemeteries, and baseball fields, solid waste disposal management & elders trash pickup.


This department provides maintenance on all tribal vehicles in accordance with manufacturer standards to maintain capital assets and keep employees safe.


The department provides purification of the potable water system by maintaining systems and completing inspections according to EPA requirements. The department is also responsible for wastewater, collection and treatment of gray water, all the way to return to the environment. Utilities provides service to 115 residential properties and six commercial properties.


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The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

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