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Parents of Chehalis Tribal Minors,

Back to school The Youth program & K-12 program is distributing checks to tribal members (minors) in place of the gift cards this year.  The Tribe will need the following form filled out before checks can be prepared for enrolled Chehalis Tribal Minors. The form needs to be turned in no later than August 26th, 2020.

Checks will be in the parent or guardian’s name for youth ages 12 and under

Checks will be in the minor’s name for tribal member youth 13 years and older.

Parents or guardians must provide all legal documents if there is a parenting plan agreement, divorce/custody in place for the minor child/ren. Family Services can verify foster care / guardianship.

The form is available here.

You can email the form to Cheryle Starr or Philip Youckton

Or mail to:

Chehalis Tribe

Attn: Events Program

P.O. Box 536

Oakville, WA 98568


If any questions or concerns arise regarding the check, the Tribe can put a hold on it until further verification is provided.

Cheryle Starr

Community & Culture Department



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