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Employee of the Month’s positive attitude is contagious

Thursday, November 20— Behavior Health’s Caytee Cline received the October Employee of the Month for her commitment to plant medicine classes and engaging with the community.


Caytee Cline is the Youth Suicide Prevention coordinator, and received nomination for her dedication to her daily job duties while being out-going, supportive and maintaining positive attitude.


Tribal Employees got a taste of turkey early as they joined in the Gathering Room for a thanksgiving themed lunch.

Tribal workers piled their plates with potluck food made from scratch by members of both the Behavior Health and Wellness departments.

While everyone finished their meals, the individuals who nominated the candidates shared a few words about why they decided to nominate the staff member they did.


Leah Niccolocci (Director) and Bobbie Bush (co-worker) both addressed the crowd and explained the numerous reasons as to why Cline is deserving of the Award. Bush highlighted the fact that although Cline is not a Native American, tribal members still find comfort in her. She realized how tribal people seek Cline’s assistance and are confident they can trust Cline.


Cline, who worked previously for the Centralia College, said having the opportunity to come and work with the tribal people is a “blessing”.

Cline is continually learning about culture. She said it’s been a privilege to be able to have this position and be able to learn about Native people and customs.


Full article in November Newsletter.

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