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Offender Re-Entry Programs & Services

The facility works closely with other Chehalis Tribal Departments and other agencies to provide a wide range of programs and services to the inmate population to assist them once they are released.

Some of the programs and services include:

  • GED Preparation
  • Vocational exploration and preparation
  • Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Inpatient Coordination
  • Chemical Dependency Groups and Counseling
  • Cultural Classes
  • Relational Life Skills/Mental Health Counseling
  • Parenting Classes

In addition to the services listed above, inmates are provided basic healthcare through tribal resources and a contracted physician. The facility’s physician provides a wide range of services such as 24 hour on call consultation, emergency referrals, medication oversight, and on-site evaluations and examinations. Up to one year of aftercare and support services upon release.

Please contact Chehalis Tribal Behavioral Health Director, Denise Ross at: chehalisbh@chehalistribe.org



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